Litters due

Recent matings. Update 17/6/20

Litter born 6/6/20 to our Grand Champion Bendar- frozen semen.

There has been a lot of interest in these puppies and they will be ready to view at 4 weeks of age.

First week in July 2020. Pied pups and brindle pups in the litter.


 Email us as the best means of contact initially. The phone signal is woeful here, hit or miss.

Please contact us for further information.

[email protected]


Our puppy nursery and what goes into each litter.

Hard work.

We close up the house and move into the kennel as the babies are on 24 hr watch and 2 hourly feeds for a fortnight.

If we get through the first 2 weeks of little sleep then we have 4 hourly feeds which seems like a blessing.

Looking forward to solids being introduced at 3 weeks. Lots of mess.

When you think they couldn't poo anymore, yep, they do.

By 5 weeks we can leave the pups unattended to move back into the main house.

Nothing is easy or taken for granted raising french bulldog puppies. I look forward to when they get big enough to play with their toys, they're so funny to watch. 2 pens so we can do the quick move from one soiled area to a fresh area.

House training starts now, they go off to the side and use the newspaper. Mats are to give grip under their feet.


While mum rests after the birth her babies are snug in the intensive care unit to keep them safe and warm.

Most french bulldog bitches have a caesar and not all have milk on hand immediately. Puppies may need to be tube fed or bottle fed until mum's milk comes in.





Dogs rule and Christmas has been known to be relocated to the lower kennel. Can't leave the babies and mum unattended. The grand kids didn't notice party on.

Ole Bendar our Grand Champion passed away at 11 years old and left on Santas sleigh Xmas 2017. Prescribed an unsuitable medication. He only had a sore shoulder it was the last thing we expected.


Contact Details

Jenni Cameron
Brisbane Valley-Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]