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All dogs are generally clean by nature and try to do their business as far away from their living area as possible.

We give our puppies a head start with house training by providing them with a penned area inside that leads to the garden through a doggie door. This starts at 5 weeks of age so by the time they are ready for placement at 8 weeks they are very good at getting themselves outside to eliminate. It's a natural for them to go outside of their bed and eating area to eliminate. The feed back we get from our puppies purchasers is how easy they are to train.

If you don't have a doggie door then another option if possible is to leave the back door open enough for them to get out. Set them up for success. I've always found boys much easier to train than the girls.

The best housebreaking room is one with a hard surfaced for easy clean up and a door that leads to the outside. Set up your puppies sleeping area whether it is a play pen, crate or just a door barrier in a busy area of the house.  Your Frenchie puppy will get plenty of attention and get used to noise and the coming and going of family members.

A new puppy doesn't need access to the entire house at first, only 1 or 2 rooms.  A door barrier is handy in the first few weeks to close off the rest of the house. When the need to go to the toilet comes, your puppy must find their way to the yard quickly and not through many rooms.Taking the puppy to the same place each time teaches it what "goes on" in this area. Very helpful late at night your puppy knows it's not there to stare at the stars, and gets down to business quickly. I always give a verbal prompt "toilet".

Praise, praise and more praise is the best reward for deposits in the right place.

It's too late redirecting your Frenchie puppy back to the place of urinating or pooping after the event. They have limited  bladder capacity so don't leave them hanging on for too long. If you want good results you have to be consistant and frequent with the opportunities to go outside. If caught in the act say Outside! and clap your hands carry them outside to the usual area with the familar smells.

Not everyone can leave open a door  but if you can it's so much easier for housetraining. Newspaper comes in handy as a back up. Your puppy knows that newspapers spread out on the floor is the place to ‘go’ from being in the whelping area. Placing newspaper  near the back door if it must be closed is excellent for emergency toileting.   Eventually the paper is removed completely. Puppy pads are good if your pup leaves them on the floor. A lot of the time they play with the pads and rip them up. We just use newspaper.

A few weeks will see the worst of "the accidents" out of the way.  Keep in mind that there will be set-backs if you don't have routine, so don't  blame the puppy, they're only babies.

When your puppy awakes up from a sleep or after  they have a had food or drink they need to go outside to the toilet pretty much straight away.

Consider a crate for training as the puppy goes into the crate/den for a sleep and when they wake up making a noise they are taken straight outside to eliminate. This sets up a pattern of training that is easy on puppy and owner.  Crates are left open when puppy is housetrained so they can come and go or they can be removed.




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