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Firstly,  great that you have found us. We have some lovely French Bulldogs... and  occasionally puppies for sale. We usually breed once a year due to work commitments.

We always offer a full refund on return of the puppy if you are not satisfied.

In any litter it can be expected that not all puppies will be of show quality. These puppies are sold on a limited pet register, not for breeding. It's the new owners responsibility to de-sex the puppy at a recommended age, for the puppies health and well being.

Our puppies, leading up to this time are very well socialised with dogs of all ages and small children. Parents still need to supervise children around dogs at all times.

I never rehome any of our girls for further breeding after their breeding cycle has finished with us.   Adults girls that we have desexed may be re homed to select homes.

Lem and I have a licensed premises in the Sommerset area, for the keeping and breeding of frenchies.  We have over 30 years experience of caring and raising healthy well socialised dogs.

We have now opened up our home to offer suitable and safe boarding for frenchies when their owners need to go away.  These frenchies are welcome to bring along their home companion dog for their visit with us. Oui Oui has quite a few regulars now and all visitors come to us by referrals from other owners. Lem and I don't advertise.

We have successfully campaigned French Bulldogs around the Queensland and interstate dog show circuit, from our Ouioui kennels.

Our dogs have been awarded many Best Of Breed and In Show awards by international, interstate and local Judges. 






With lineage from the best imported lines, our  French Bulldogs are sound examples of type and health.  All our breeding dogs and bitches have their spine and hips x-rayed to assess their suitability for breeding and a full DNA profile for genetic diseases.

For stud or puppy enquiries please contact us to see when we are breeding next.


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By the way, we hope you enjoy our French Bulldog collectables as much as we do.
Sorry there not for sale.



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