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General First Aid & Safety for your dogs


Puppies  as they become bolder and more explorative get into all kinds of scrapes. For your Frenchie puppies safety look around your house and yard for any dangers e.g. electrical cords can be chewed and small items that can be swallowed. Screen doors and gates should be fastened particularly around swimming pools.


When we are expecting visitors we lock our dogs away to avoid them getting under cars or through open gates. Visitors opening and closing gates and doors may allow your Frenchie to escape the yard and possibly get onto the road. Frenchies you will learn don't necessarily come when they are called, or at least not immediately. Once the visitors have  settled in, our dogs can come out to socialise.Check the backyard for hazards - low branches that can poke into eyes, poisons must be secured and expect any lawn ferliizer pellets to be eaten. Be very mindful of the dogs' access to swimming pools and dams, as Frenchies can drown easily.

First Aid.

Information on first aid may save your dog’s life. The most common ailments requiring first aid are wounds, bites and poisoning.

Toads, snakes and wasps are all dangerous to an inquisitive puppy. Check your dogs for ticks.

We live in Queensland and the cane toad is a real problem with any dog. If you suspect your Frenchie has been poisoned by a cane toad, rinse the gums of your dog with a slow running hose. Try to rinse from the side of the mouth forward so as little water as posible goes down the throat into the lungs. Easier said than done with a struggling dog but do your best. The dog will often vomit and froth at the mouth, shaking it's head. I'll wipe the gums with a face cloth up under the lips as well. The toad poison sticks to the gums of the dog, that is why you need to rinse the mouth. The poison makes the gums very pink. Most dogs are fine after this treatment but keep an eye on the dog. Dispose of toads in wheelie bin out of reach of dogs and children.

One of our Frenchies found a wasp fascinating and consequently was bitten on the side of the face. Her face swelled up so quickly. I had some antihistamine tablets on hand, down her throat and off to the vet asap. Everything is a game with these dogs.

It is advisable to check your frenchie daily for any cuts or lumps and bumps that may occur during play. If you are familiar with your frenchie's body you will notice anything out of the ordinary and the area can be treated asap.

If you live in a tick area you must check daily for ticks and remove them as best you can with tweezers. Best option is to treat your pet with recommended tick prevention from your vet.

Wounds to your Frenchie -  minor, superficial cuts usually heal rapidly with first aid care. Body wounds may require stitching by your vet, as do head wounds of any significance. Any wounds involving an artery require urgent veterinary attention. Apply immediate first aid in order to control the bleeding in the meantime.

Bleeding from a wound can be stopped by applying pressure with a tight bandage/ towel, or your fingers. A sufficiently large gauze pad, dampened to prevent it from sticking, can be used to apply pressure over a wound while you get your Frenchie to the vet. An ice pack can also be used.

Dog and cat bites should be treated like puncture wounds by washing them with soap and water and flushing out with water. These wounds are easily infected so antibiotics are necessary with any signs of infection i.e.redness, swelling or pain. If the biter was a stray, wild, or unknown animal, take your dog to the vet at once for precautionary protection.  For any puncture wound you should wash the puncture all the way to the bottom. This is best done by your vet who can anesthetise the dog or at least restrain them during this painful process.

All ordinary wounds should first be examined and any foreign matter removed. If the wound is dirty, you may let it bleed for a moment or flush it out with water. Wash the area thoroughly with mild soap and water. Wipe or sponge it dry and apply an antiseptic.

Eye injuries can easily happened with low branches, tie wire on fences, dogs running into things and injuries during play. If your dog is squinting or has a weepy eye, flush the eye out with clean water and take your pet to the vet for an examination.


HEAT STRESS - refer to a great article by Karen Hedberg BVSc





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